LIVE Events​

Nov. 26  4pm - 7pm

Biergarten at Old World

Huntington Beach, CA

Nov. 28  11am - 1pm

Brea Gateway

Brea, CA

Dec 19 11am - 1pm

Brea Gateway

Brea, CA

Dec. 31  4pm - 7pm

Biergarten at Old World

Huntington Beach, CA

Weekly TWITCH Shows:
Tuesdays: 7pm
Thursdays: 8pm
 •Disney & Broadway
Saturdays: 9pm
•SNL (Saturday NOODLIN' Live)

Watch this space for exciting news and upcoming projects.

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JOHN MASSEY NOODLIN' is John's one-man piano & vocal show on Twitch. Tune in on Twitch, invite some friends over, grab your favorite beverage, and let John be the soundtrack for your party! John responds to your comments, takes your requests (and your tips), and will attempt to perform just about anything. Often with hilarious results. On special occasions, John will be joined by special guests... including one (or all) of his four extraordinarily talented children.

For more information, showtimes, and to join the fun... CLICK HERE

Want John LIVE and in-person? JOHN MASSEY NOODLIN' (or LIVE NOODS) can be tailor-made for YOUR event! An evening with John at the keyboard can contain almost anything. From Classic Rock to Showtunes to Standards from The Great American Songbook. All performed in John's unique style!

Let John know, if you need an entertainer for your next event, party, wedding, or anything you can think of. You might not know what you want... but he does!

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John Massey: the musician

Want John to his one-man piano/vocal show to your venue? Click here to contact us.

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John Massey